Released 16 December 2017

V I E W  P R O J E C T

Behind with your Christmas shopping? Famous New Media Artist Jeremy Bailey has the answer: artworks doubling as the world’s most giveable gift, Socks.

During a live online performance on Saturday 16 December, Bailey used his Lean Artist Pro gestural painting software, to craft each sock in real-time in direct response to audience feedback. Modelled on the fail fast, succeed sooner mantras of successful startups, Bailey’s project shows how artists can deploy user-centred iterative methods to create works of cultural power, economic value and undeniable usefulness.

Watch the live stream and choose from a selection of artworks online here.



Self-styled “Famous New Media Artist” Jeremy Bailey’s inventive and endearingly self-deflating performance practice collides the vulnerabilites and embarrassments of physical embodiment with the tricks of internet marketing and digital imaging’s sleek pictographics. His work has featured in an international roster of venues and festivals, including the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam; Tate Liverpool; Whitechapel Gallery, London; Transmediale, Berlin; Museums Quartier, Vienna; and the New Museum, New York.

Bailey developed and led PRAKSIS's sixth residency, The Artist Entrepreneur, held in collaboration with The Moving Museum and UKS in Summer 2017.

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