Believing in making a better world through cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary exchange, facilitating innovation and talent development that is accessible to all: PRAKSIS is a not for profit organisation, supporting dialogue and understanding between different communities in Oslo and internationally. PRAKSIS is partially funded by the Norwegian Arts Council and Oslo City, though our activity largely relies on private and voluntary support.

Seeking to be as inclusive and foster talent irrespective of financial position, PRAKSIS does not charge for its activities. With your help we can develop further to offer stipends and further support for our participants and develop our community engagement programme. Private individuals and companies can support and benefit from PRAKSIS in a number of ways:


100% of every donation goes towards PRAKSIS's programming and funding for its participants. Thank you for your support and the difference it makes — PRAKSIS is happy to offer the following tokens of appreciation:

  • 500 NOK //  Join our annual Summer Celebration alongside participants and collaborators.
  • 1000 NOK // Join our annual Summer Celebration and a PRAKSIS mixer.
  • 2500 NOK //  Join our Summer Celebration, a PRAKSIS mixer and one PRAKSIS residency meal.
  • 5000 NOK //  Join our Summer Celebration, 3 PRAKSIS mixers and two PRAKSIS meals.
  • 10000 NOK //  Bring a guest to our Summer Celebration, all PRAKSIS mixers, and join each residency group for a dinner.
D o n a t e



Build a collection of artworks by PRAKSIS participants at the same time as supporting PRAKSIS's work in cultural development and cross-national understanding.  PRAKSIS will advise you to choose the work that is right for you, and every penny of you purchase will go back into supporting PRAKSIS's future programme and the artist whose work you invest in.  Please contact with enquires.

P R A K S I S   E D I T I O N S  //  PRAKSIS Editions offer the opportunity to own affordable collectable artworks by residents, with all sales supporting PRAKSIS's programme of residencies and public events and the artists themselves. 


Visibly support local cultural development, invest in the future of Oslo’s cultural scene while building a collection of artworks that offers an archive into the good work and results you have made possible.

PRAKSIS offers corporations a range of opportunities for socially responsible arts investment, team building, hospitality and marketing, with all support contributing to cultural development and the growth of talented artists, musicians and other creatives. 

PRAKSIS will work with you to create a bespoke package offering the balance you need. Please contact to arrange a consultation.


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