Creating mixed, temporary communities for living, working, conversation and learning around themes of mutual interest, PRAKSIS’s pilot residencies are research-intensive, responsive, high-energy experiences.

From 2016 PRAKSIS is hosting a series of nomadic residencies in the Oslo area exploring a variety of formats for the development of creative practice through discussion and shared experience. Each thematic residency is open to Oslo based, national and international applicants through open call with applications welcomed from anyone with relevant experience and interest. Our key strategy focuses on supportive encounters between practitioners and thinkers from different backgrounds and differing career stages, both within the core residency group and Oslo's broader community.


  • Function as a catalyst for development of creative practice through, discourse, research and cross-cultural dialogue.
  • Increase public insight into the ideas and processes at the core of creative practice.
  • Address topics of contemporary relevance, contributing to international critical discourse.
  • Foster mutual understanding via artistic practice and international exchange.
  • Create new, lasting connections between practitioners and organisations, locally and internationally.
  • Facilitate innovative arts projects that benefit creative professionals, local organisations and the public.
  • Encourage and promote excellence through supportive dialogue.


PRAKSIS invites established arts professionals to develop and participate in residencies in which they participate alongside participants with a range of experience.

Lead residents organize their activity around an individual residency theme or research question. They are supported to devise structured activities, such as workshops, peer-to-peer review sessions, seminars, critical reading groups and other events. 


Once the blueprint of each residency is in place, an open call invites participants to join the residency’s core community.

  • Open to artists at all stages of their careers, the majority of residencies are interdisciplinary and so open to anyone with relevant experience and interest.
  • Applications are open to international, Norwegian and Oslo-based artists, promoting networking and exchange across cultures.
  • Because of the bespoke nature of each residency what we offer, requirements and expectations may be different for each theme. Please see specific open call information for details of the facilities and other details for each residency.

Each residency begins with a group conversation about the reasons for applying and hopes for the residency, and discussion of how to best achieve these. PRAKSIS does not put a direct emphasis on collective working or on production in order that each resident can work in the way most beneficial for them - though collaboration has often become a core part of the activity.

Residents are encouraged to come with research questions of their own—something they wish to gain from participating.


Local partner organisations are approached where appropriate, to support and share in the residency’s outputs.

PRAKSIS arranges visits and meetings with relevant local organisations, practitioners and others appropriate to each residency. A basic framework of activity is organised in advance, with further opportunities arranged in response to each group's hopes and needs.

Individuals and groups from other relevant areas (for example: computing, philosophy, dance, archival practice, music) are networked into residencies where appropriate, sharing ideas and helping residents further their creative plans.


Oslo’s public are offered a window onto PRAKSIS activities wherever possible: for example through performances, screenings, talks, open studio days, drop-in critiques, seminars and webcasting.

Lead residents are encouraged to explore Oslo’s thriving studio-group culture, and share expertise and ideas with the city’s creative communities.

Documentation of PRAKSIS’s activities will lead to a growing, publicly accessible archive. 


PRAKSIS's Internet Projects is a virtual space for the display of digital projects and artworks. 



PRAKSIS's editions are a multiple works by former residentsavailable for purchase.


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