Merve Ünsal’s internet project, Now You're Far Away,  stems from a performance which took place in Istanbul on 12 June 2017. It involved two parallel events. The sentence "Now You're Far Away" was projected onto the (supposedly) public space of the Bosphorus Bridge. At the same time, on the boat from which the projection was made, a group of twenty people endeavoured to discuss and share what they deemed to be unutterable.

The negotiation of publicness is a constant necessity in the precarious circumstances of our present political existence. The deeply political nature of the personal languages of love and desire constantly has to be dealt with. In this work, the group’s paradoxical attempts to articulate and make public their "unutterable" are brought into a simple yet poignant, potent relationship with something private and intimate that’s been sung or spoken publicly again and again, in diverse collective contexts.

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