Matthew Musgrave


Matthew Musgrave (b. 1985 UK) lives and works in London, is interested in a kind of thinking through painting, how painting has a tendency to figure and to abstract, how it meanders and wanders, continually merges the past into the present on and on. Things often begin with something close to hand, a chair, limb, some grass or foliage, a tree, window, weather, something seen or remembered, moving paint around until something begins to make some sort of sense. He studied painting at the Royal College of Art (2011) and Chelsea College of Art (2008). Exhibitions include: The Value of Liveliness, White Crypt, London (2018); Pink Density, Clovis XV, Brussels (2016), Only with a light touch will you write well, freely and fast, David Dale Gallery, Glasgow (2015) & Supplement, London (2016); All the best/yours sincerely, Galeria Alegria, Madrid (2016); To Paint a Line, Maki Fine Arts, Tokyo (2015); Around, Supplement, London, (2014); Head to Head, Standpoint, London (2014); Paintings, Supplement, London (2012); The Milkplus Bar, Josh Liley Gallery, London, (2010); The Library of Babel, Zabludowicz Collection, London, (2010); Jerwood Contemporary Painters, Jerwood Gallery, London (2009).

Works left to right

'Setting Out', 2016, Oil on linen, 40.5x35.5cm

'The Eyes Have It' installation shot, 2016, 53 Beck Road, London

'Of a Bush', 2012, Oil on linen, 25x20cm

'Around' installation shot, 2014, Supplement Gallery, London

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