Evgeniya Martirosyan


Evgeniya Martirosyan is an artist based in Ireland with a background in philosophy and design. She graduated from the Crawford College of Art and Design in 2016, receiving a number of residencies and exhibition awards, including residencies at National Sculpture Factory and Sample Studios, Ireland and an exhibition award at Cork Film Centre. Her most recent work has been shown at 126 Gallery, Galway Arts Festival, Ireland; Leeds Digital Festival, UK ; and TACTIC Gallery, Ireland.

Working primarily in the mediums of sculpture and installation, Martirosyan is interested in exploring the concepts of time, matter, chaos and transformation. She builds complex dynamic structures and uses transient organic matter, reflecting on the poetic possibilities of the fluid and constantly shifting state of things.

Image 1. The Shape of Emptiness, 2017. Metal, air compressor, silicone tubing, water, washing up liquid, plastic, timer. Photo: Jed Niezgoda.
Image 2. Between Something and Nothing, 2017. Refrigeration system, acrylic, copper piping, metal tray, timer. Photo: Jed Niezgoda.
Image 3. Dream Machine, 2017. Metal, plastic, acrylic tubing, corn syrup, led light. Photo: Jed Niezgoda.
Image 4.Your Quantum Uncertainty, 2016. Metal, water, water pump, tubing, wood, live projection.

Martirosyan's participation in residency eleven, Monumental—Temporal has been made possible due to kind support from the Arts Council of Ireland Travel and Training Award.


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