Claudia Mann


Claudia Mann is a sculptor whose work is process oriented and conceptual. She also resorts to other media in her work, e.g. video, photography and language which serve as mirrors reflecting her sculptural works. 

"Outer space is just as relevant for me as the centre of the earth. We are space. In order to comprehend the dimensions of space right up to the centre of the earth one should be fully aware of the fact that the ground only seems to be an impenetrable surface. However, it consists of air as well as material. Ground is a very self-centred version of what in fact is only material. That is why it is a component of the definition of ‘horizon’. It stretches to the horizon. One’s location starting with the feet, eye level and then what one sees is all physically dependent on this. (…) The ground is the starting of sculpture and the sculpture itself. But the human entity is and remains the reference. In the past I used to move and work above this ‘surface’. By means of various processes the necessity arose to break through it and to perceive it. What exactly is the ground? Where does it begin and where does it end? To perceive something and then to clearly accept it for what it is a form of appropriation. Not merely the wish to hold onto a thought but to own its equivalent made of matter. Air is just as much matter, we are matter. Perception means using the senses. However most of the time we use our senses unconsciously. It is interesting to become aware of one’s own senses."

Image 1. Aero, 2016. Resin, metall, soil, sand 205 x 140 x 217 cm. Photo: Ivo Faber, VG Bild-Kunst Bonn De Statua, KIT Düsseldorf.

Image 2. SOLID AERO, 2017. Inkjet print. Photo: Claudia Mann, VG-Bild Kunst, Bonn.

Image 3. Cast, 2016. Resin, metal, 260 x 320 x 120 cm. Photo: Dejan Saric, Kunstraum Düsseldorf Förderpreisträger 2016.

Image 4. Tombé.Tambour, 2016. Tarred board, resin, grass, wood, 205 x 621 x 621 cm. New Talents Biennale 2016, Poststrasse, Cologne

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