Nanna Melland


Nanna Melland (b.1969) is a jewellery artist based in Oslo.  At the core of her work lies a fundamental curiosity in the relationship between nature and human existence. She is fascinated by symbols and rituals, as well as by unpleasant and dark tensions inherent to life.

Combining and experimenting with form, material, technique and subject until she finds a type of unity – maybe harmony in the disharmonic. Inter-Uterine-Devices (IUD`s), nails in gold, cast pig’s hearts, orchids in lead and aluminium airplanes hence achieve – albeit paradoxically – a coherent whole.

Melland initially trained in goldsmithing at Elvebakken Technical School, and received a Canditata Magister from the University of Oslo in the subject history of religion, social anthropology and Tibetan language and culture before going on to study at The Munich Academy of Arts, Germany, where she was appointed Meister student, and for her diploma work in 2008 received both the academy's Debut Prize, and the Norwegian Craft prize in Norway. Her work has been bought by national and international private and public collections. Nordenfjeldske Art and Craft museum, Collection Marzee in the Netherlands, Collection Hiko Mizuni in Japan and Collection Susan Cummins in USA among others.

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