Ella Heidi Sand


Ella Heidi Sand (b. 1957) studied at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts, graduating in 1984, with further studies at the State University of New York, USA. She has participated in exhibitions both in Norway and abroad, and has held several solo exhibitions. She is a member of the art collective The Archive.

Sand has coordinated a number of jewelry exhibitions abroad, and has had several assignments as an art consultant for KORO (Public Art Norway). For 7 years she was the director of RAM gallery in Oslo. From 2006 -2013 she was a professor at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts in Oslo (KHiO) where she was Head of the Department for Metalwork and Jewellery.

Permanent collections include: The Norwegian Council of Culture, The Royal Ministry of Foreign Affairs, SKMU Art Museum Kristiansand, The Museum of Applied Art in Oslo, Vestlandske Museum of Applied Art in Bergen and Nordenfjeldske Museum of Applied Art in Trondheim.

Image 1: Dicplacement. Necklace; brass, nylon thread. Photo by Sveinung Bråthen
Image 2: Who Cares. Necklace; silver, copper, plastic covered steel, nylon thread. Photo by Elsie-Ann Hochlin
Image 3: Empty Diamonds. Necklaces; silver, nylon thread. Photo by Øyvind Suul
Image 4: Powder. Necklace; woman facial soft cotton sponge powder puff pads, copper. Photo by Elsie-Ann Hochlin

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