Sebastian Makonnen Kjølaas & Siri Hjorth


Siri Hjorth (1986)  and Sebastian Makonnen Kjølaas (1985) are two contemporary artists accomplishing high performance, premium, award-winning works that are safe, healthy, and certified sustainable.

When Kjølaas and Hjorth first got married in the Emanuel Vigeland Mausoleum in 2016 - they had already been working closely on a series of artistic projects since 2009. They now live and work in Oslo. Their artistic output include ceramics, textile, watercolours, latex and eggs.

Hjorth recently had her solo show “Looner Mooner" at Nebbelux in 2016, and participated in the production of “From Butter to Margarin” in 2017, directed by Pernille Lindstad and organised by “Munchmuseet on the Move” at Gallery 1857 in Oslo. She works with textile, costume and performance, and generates an unpredictable and sneaky world - disturbingly erotic. She opened the National Gallery's new Middle East Wing with a performativ staging of the painting “Marriage in Hardanger” by Tidemann and Gude. Hjorth has shown her work at the Black Box Theatre, Kunstnernes Hus, and Kunsthaus KULE in Berlin. Graduated with a Bachelor in Visual Arts from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts in 2014.

In 2015 Kjølaas won the Debutant Prize at the Autumn State Exhibition. He has toured the country since 2016 with his solo show “On dry things” showcased at different Art Societies around Norway, including Hammerfest, Eidsberg, Haugesund, Volda and Trondheim. He is the artist and author behind “The Institute of Art and Crime” (2014) published by Torpedo Press. Graduated in 2012 with a Master in Visual Arts from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts.

In addition to their praxis both Kjølaas and Hjorth hold positions at Prosjektskolen Art School, as Prorector and teacher. Together they have started the artist run spaces GAGO between 2009 - 2011, and SALT between 2011-2013. With Marianne Bredesen they have developed the project “Wittgenstein on Vacation” (2015 - 2019) supported by KORO, Art in Public Space Norway.

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