Ruben Steinum

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Texas Sweet Chai Latte (Pour Femme) How good can you feel?™ Yogi Tea
Photo: Ruben Steinum
Treat Yourself. Sodastream Taittinger, Sodastream Möet & Chandon, Sodastream Veuve Clicquot, Sodastream Laurent Perrier
Photo:Ruben Steinum

Freak on a Leash
Photo: Jon Benjamin Tallerås
Project in collaboration with Marianne Hurum

Ruben Steinum (b. 1984, Oslo, Norway) is an artist and co-founder of the digital art sales platform Atelier. Steinum graduated from the Norwegian Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo in 2011. In his artistic practice, he works with object-based sculpture, drawing and photography. His interest in pop and everyday culture comes to light through the use of commercial objects, appropriation of brands and in the relationship between the artwork and the title. He is currently working towards an exhibitions at Elephant Kunsthall in Lillehammer and at a sculpture park at Nesodden. He has exhibited at Tidens Krav (Oslo), Arts Incubator at Washington Park (Chicago), Kunsthall Oslo, Podium (Oslo), Rogaland Art Center (Stavanger) and RAKE (Trondheim).

Steinum is chairman of the Young Artists Society (UKS) and board member of Norwegian Visual Artists (NBK).

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