Gunnlaug Kuløy


Gunnlaug Bina Kuløy uses visual media, audio and sculptural installations to explore the intricate weave of circumstance, coincidence, emotion and decision that define a present situation or a state of mind. In turn this opens up a space to reflect upon interconnectedness in its many forms, and possible future trajectories. Her work evolves around themes as diverse as nostalgia and the immaterial connotations of objects, as well as biodiversity and the extinction of species. It often intersects with the realm of science; negotiating the ground between personal experience, observation and scientific research. Her intense focus on detail often results in the creation of spaces that demand full attentiveness in exchange for a sense of intimacy.

Gunnlaug holds a masters degree in Visual anthropology and has worked in various fields including cinematic production in Cuba, research on visual literacy in developing countries, media in exile and theatre production. The past few years she has divided her time between Oslo and Burma/Myanmar, working on projects related to wild endemic orchid conservation and mangrove forest restoration, resulting in the exhibitions Black Orchid Red Line, Goethe institute, Yangon (2016) and Macro Mangrove, Gallery 65 (2016). Her most recent exhibition Fate Undecided (2017) examined nostalgia in a socio-political context and was held at a site-specific location in Yangon.


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