Rachel Wolfe


Rachel Wolfe, born 1984 in rural Illinois. Foundational training in dance, vocals, and piano developed into interdisciplinary work in images, installations, drawing, video, fiber, writing, and performance. Wolfe studied formally and practically in several areas including advertising, interior design, sociology, photography, energetic arts, contemporary art, and language. She graduated with a BA in 2006 and MFA in 2015. Her work has been collected and exhibited in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Water, ice, and rocks are repeated themes in Wolfe's work. Ideas about Place, Subjectivity, and the Irrespirable drive her aestheticised constructions. With literal and material focus on the relationship between Vision and Body, the works mediate sensual experiences on The Nature of Desire, or what moves a Body. Her art making runs parallel to research in the field of Embodied Cognition.

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