Larry Achiampong & David Blandy


David Blandy & Larry Achiampong led PRAKSIS's inaugural residency, "New Technology And The Post-Human," in March - April, 2016. Through their work, Blandy and Achiampong examine ideas of communal and personal heritage, using performance to investigate cultural hierarchies and the “fiction of the self”.

Blandy and Achiampong have exhibited extensively in the UK and internationally, both individually and as a duo, at venues including Tate, London; Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai; and MOMA PS1, New York. Their 2014-15 hip-hop-inspired collaboration Biters was funded by the Arts Council of England and is “unique, in that it unifies both appropriation as a methodology and “biting” [the stealing of taggers’ or hip-hop artists’ personal styles] as an existential state”, critic Morgan Quaintance has written. “Biters…is a project about attraction and repulsion, and in hip-hop Achiampong and Blandy have recognised a musical genre pulsating with all the contradictory energies of hierarchical value systems, based on race, privilege and subjection”.


David Blandy and Larry Achiampong, Finding Fanon 2, 2015
Commissioned by Brighton Digital Festival 2015, supported by Arts Council England. Finding Fanon 2 is made using the Grand Theft Auto 5 in-game video editor. The Finding Fanon series is inspired by the lost plays of Frantz Fanon, (1925-1961) a politically radical humanist whose practice dealt with the psychopathology of colonisation and the social and cultural consequences of decolonisation.


Vika Adutova

Vika Adutova's artistic practice is rooted in the research of language and perception. Vika uses video, sound, drawing, and sculpture, working primarily with the subject of the affect of time on human and non-human life, and language as the tool of description. Born in Tashkent and previously based in New York, Adutova is currently living and studying in Oslo, and is an MFA candidate from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts due to graduate in 2018.

Isfrid Angard Siljehaug


Isfrid Angard Siljehaug graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in 2010 and from Mater Artistic Research at the Royal Academy in the Hauge in 2012. Through her work she researches art history looking for images that reoccur through the ages, which could offer clues to perspectives important for the future. She explores the integration of art and artistic thought in daily life — especially through historic cultural developments and often using textile and text. Angard Siljehaug's work can be described as an interlacing of text and textile where she stitches, prints and draws images and words on textiles or draws directly on the wall. Working with textile as curtains, wall-hangings, carpets, tent and clothes, her work reside in the space between the surface of the body and the interior of our dwellings. Her practice includes performance, workshops and collaborations with various artists, architects and designers. Isfrid has exhibited her work in Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands including 'Shifting Spaces' at the W139 Amsterdam (2016) and 'A Supernova' at the Hortus of VU Amsterdam (2015).


In time, we too will become ancestors...


Jeremy Bailey

Self-styled “Famous New Media Artist” Jeremy Bailey’s inventive and endearingly self-deflating performance practice collides the vulnerabilites and embarrassments of physical embodiment with the tricks of internet marketing and digital imaging’s sleek pictographics. His work has featured in an international roster of venues and festivals, including the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam; Tate Liverpool; Whitechapel Gallery, London; Transmediale, Berlin; Museums Quartier, Vienna; and the New Museum, New York. Via his project The You Museum (2015-ongoing), Bailey’s displays – individually tailored to suit the viewer’s personal tastes – can be accessed globally online: see here.



Jeremy Bailey, The Future of Television, 2012.
Software demo created for Random Acts: Artist Interventions into Broadcast 26 October 2012 - Commissioned by Omar Kholeif for FACT, Liverpool and Liverpool Biennial in partnership with Channel 4 and Arts Council England Thanks to Kyle McDonald for developing Face OSC


Belić, Westerlund and Müller

Working collectivly Belić, Westerlund and Müller work with structures of relationships and varying forms of acts of imitation. They develop performative works through a process of learning from internet sources. 

Maria Gordana Belić received her BA in Fine Arts from Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Norway and her MA degree in Fine Arts from Valand Academy of Gothenburg, Sweden. Her practice uses inter-biographical stories, meetings or events which become magnetic mantras, where companions, nervous technique or collaborations modify the narrative. Things are repeated, looped and multiplied through various formats. She is fascinated by structures around support and what it means to struggle with personal problems in pubic.

Per Westerlund works with animation depicting sensational bliss using Windows Paint. While the angular shapes of the medium resist painterliness he uses the movement of the images and coloring to create impassioned effects. Recurring motives include naked skin, wind and sun light, and images sometimes paraphrase stereotypes from the romantic era. The rhythmic feature of the animations has recently led him to work with music videos. He graduated from Oslo Academy of Fine Art in 2013.

Daniela Müller studied Media Arts at the Zurich University of the Arts and Fine Arts at the Academy of the Arts in Oslo, Norway, completing her MA in Fine Arts at the Zurich University of the Arts in 2013. From 2012-15 she curated the ad-hoc gallery “One Night Only Zurich”. Müller's practice employs acts of appropriation to examine the purposeful conditions of language. She copies, loops and recontextualises mundane material, such as commercial signs, leaked pictures, spam mails and prophecies, leading toe moving images, installations and collaborations.

Edwin Cabascango


Edwin Cabascango (Ecuador / Norway) - professional dancers based in Oslo. He started dancing in Quito, Ecuador at the contemporary dance school Frente De Danza Independiente (FDI) dance school and Metrodanza dance school, Ballet Nacional del Ecuador (BNE), as well as with different ensembles practicing modern and contemporary dance. Later he continued his dance studies at The Norwegian College of Dance (NDH) and also studied performing arts and movement at The University College of Eurythmy in Oslo. After finishing his education, Cabascango performed in Gullhanen with the Sean Curran dance company in the Bergen National Opera. He has attended workshops by Tom Weksler, Linda Kapetanea and Jozef Frucek, Ultima Vez, Sidi Larbi Cherakoi, Cullberg Ballet, Physical Momentum Project, Martin Kilvady, Akram Khan and others. He has worked with artists including Terry Araujo, Eddie Borgues Lopez, Ingrid Midgard Fiksdal, Marianne Kjærsund, Monica Emilie Herstad and Sean Curran among others. In 2014 he choreographed and performed Green Tea in both Oslo and Trondheim. The same year he started developing his Texture and movement system, which he has presented at Contemporary Dance Workshop at The National M.K. Ciurlionis School of Art, Vilnius Contact Improvisation Festival (Lithuania) and Oslo Kontakt Impro. He has been practicing different somatic movements and martial arts since 2004.



mucker mate

Laura Cooper

Laura Cooper (b. 1983) is a British artist living and working between the UK and New York City, US. Group exhibitions include Play, Game, Place, State, Collyer Bristow Gallery London UK, Voice and The Lens, IKON Gallery Birmingham [2012] touring to Rich Mix Cinema London [2014]. VideoGud program Stockholm Sweden [2015] Eyes As Sieves, Global Committee Space Brooklyn NY. Solo exhibitions include Nomadic Glow, Centro ADM Mexico City Soft Revolutions, Space In Between Gallery London [2013]. Residencies include Shrewsbury International School Bangkok with the British Arts Council Thailand [2008-9], SAP Seoksu Market International residency in Anyang City, South Korea [2010], IPark in CT, USA [2012]. She was awarded the Franklin Furnace Fund for Performance [2012/13] and an International Artist Development Fund by the Arts Council England for her project at LAN 360 Degrees Biennale, Mongolia [2014]. Cooper currently co-directs Global Committee in Brooklyn NY. She received her MFA in Fine Art Media at The Slade School of Fine Art London [2012] and BFA from Glasgow School of Art [2006].


Nomadic Glow - A Colour Poem[For Hyesou's Herd], 2015, HD Video

This Color Poem is part of a larger project and installation made up of charts, video and sculpture called Nomadic Glow. Nomadic Glow attempts to record—in a deliberately limited, schematic fashion—the elaborate naming system that Mongolian nomadic herdsman use to identify each individual horse in their herd, which is based on their nuanced perception of horse coat colors. When visiting the Mongolian Steppe, I brought with me a range of industrial paint color chips and invited Hyesou—a local nomadic herdsman—to match the horses in his herd through this limited selection of paint colors. The poem is the result of his selections. The voice in the video has been auto-tuned and restricted to a color scale where color tone corresponds to musical tone.



mucker mate



Brandon Covington Sam-Sumana


Devoted to a critical media performance project entitled Black Hydra's Discharge Springs Forth Errantly From Her Many Mouths, emerging multimedia artist and producer Brandon Covington Sam-Sumana works to interrogate matters related to transience, narrative structure, and system metabolism. Their interrogations have spawned music projects, objects of generative design, forays into speculative finance, video, and visual art. Brandon was born in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Smadar Dreyfus



Smadar Dreyfus’s projects excavate scenes of everyday life for reverberations of a wider socio-political context. Focusing in particular on the role of the voice in the enactment of contested public spaces, she uses documentary recordings gathered over long periods of research. Her video and sound installations consist of specific architectural enclosures, designed to immerse viewer-listeners in affective soundscapes, raising questions about communication and translation across cultural and political divides. Writing on the installation Mother’s Day at Extra City, Antwerp, Doreen Mende has observed how Dreyfus“modestly yet decisively conveys a vivid sense of how politics and the burden of history affect the lives of individuals in our present-day realities”.

Dreyfus’s selected solo exhibitions include: Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin 2014, Magasin III, Stockholm 2009, Extra City, Antwerpen 2008, IKON Birmingham 2005 and Victoria Miro, London 2006. Selected group exhibitions include the 2011 Folkestone Triennial, S.M.A.K. Gent 2010, Mediations Biennial, Poznan 2010, ArTLV Biennale, Tel Aviv 2009, MUSAC Leon, Spain 2006, and the 9th Istanbul Biennial, 2005.


Esra Duzen Sandemose


Esra Duzen (1983) is originally from Istanbul, Turkey and lives in Oslo. After more than a decade of working in the insurance sector in Istanbul and London, she decided to study art and moved to Oslo to dedicate herself to becoming an artist full time. She currently studies Fine Arts at The Oslo National Academy of Art (KHIO). Esra's passion in art comes from her strong belief in people and change. She incorporates themes of enlightenment and rebellion against oppression of all forms in her art. Her practice involves installation, painting and drawing. She is currently expanding her work to include digital and analogue animation.

Rina Eide Løvaasen


Rina Eide Løvaasen’s (Porsgrunn, 1988) work combines astrology, mythology, archaeology, occult
biology, pop culture and science fiction to predict the future by resuscitating the past and
allegorically point to the mistakes we made to cause the anthropocene. Løvaasen received her MFA from the Malmö Art Academy in 2015 and is based in Malmö and Kragerø. The following year she received the Ellen Trotzig fund from Malmö Art Museum and Malmö Stad. In 2017 she had a
solo show at Galleri CC, Malmö, and was most recently represented at Brusfabrikken, Kragerø.
Previous solos exhibitions include: KHM, Malmö; Galleri Blunk, Trondheim, and artmade gallery,
Copenhagen. Two person shows include: ArtSafari, Bucharest and Makeriet, Malmö. Her work has also been shown at venues including: the Malmö Art Museum, Prague Quadrennial, and Liljevalchs Art Hall, Stockholm.

Vibeke Frost Andersen


Vibeke Frost Andersen recently graduated from The National Academy of The Arts in Oslo with a MFA in Art and Public Space. She also holds a BA(Hons) in Graphic Communication from University of Wales Institute Cardiff, a Norwegian post-graduate diploma in education and has completed university courses in art history, sculpture and photography in Norway and the UK. Frost Andersen has run a local design practice for several years, and has participated in art projects and - exhibitions both locally, nationally and internationally. She lectures on a variety of art-related topics, and has developed syllabi and administered new educational opportunities within the arts in Norway.

How does places acquire meaning? What is it that gives us a sense of belonging? Through her practice, Frost Andersen seeks to respond to these questions through an investigation of edge lands, voids and forgotten space. Considering economic, social and political structures governing the appearance and perception of landscape, both physical and mental, her research projects asks if it is possible to see, represent and understand some of the larger forces shaping our time. Frost Andersen works mainly in the media of photography, installation and social interference. By engaging with a site and people connected to it, the work evolves along a path of enquiry and possible outcomes. The works are executed in a mix of low key materials and digital technology, alternating mediums by how they are related to the underlying idea and how it sits in the public sphere. By which medium is information about a specific topic usually mediated an accessed? What are the common ways of representing a specific theme, and what are the potentialities and limitations of those technologies and techniques? By working with material in this way, Frost Andersen explores the possibility of generating other perspectives with a new local public. The works follow each other, with discoveries made in one project forming the basis for the next. In this way Frost Andersens practice connects to the overarching problem influencing most of her work: That late capitalism brings with it a sense of totalisation implacably at work everywhere, and that our lives are ruled by abstractions of such immense vastness, invisibility and complexity that they can only be understood parts at a time - if at all.


Cultural Mistranslations 



Eva Funk

Eva Funk is an Austrian artist and writer based in Berlin. She was educated at the Berlin University of the Arts and The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Her recent practice makes use of repetitive motifs across different contexts, building up large scale installations with performative interventions in the investigation of relationships between objects, language and spirit often in relation to notions of failure.

Funk works with physical bodies (of people and objects), as well as writing. She has self-published artist writings under rotato press, and is interested in the book as an alternative to the exhibition. Funk has exhibited and performed in Austria, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Iceland and Canada.

Rodrigo Ghattas


Rodrigo Ghattas (b.1989) is a Peruvian-Palestinian artist and cultural producer. His practice travels between a range of different media; site-responsive installations, social sculpture, creative writing, daily performativity and art intervention. Artistic concerns involve perception of public space and connections between temporality and social discovery, new visions of the unfamiliar within everyday settings.

He holds a BFA in Sculpture from PUCP (Peru) and is a current MFA Art and Public Space candidate at Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo, Norway. Ghattas is the founder and director of Machaqmara Center for the Arts (MQA) which he has been running since 2014. Additionally he has been working as OSLO PILOT artistic collaborator since 2016 . His work has been exhibited in Thailand, Peru, USA, Norway, China and Italy.

Tiril Guttorm

Tiril Guttorm lives in Oslo. Having graduated from the Norwegian School of Photography in Trondheim (2013), she now studies Film Arts at Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences. Through her work Guttorm explores personal family relations using digital photography; most of her family and relatives live in the area surrounding Karasjok in north of Norway. She is currently expanding her work to include moving image as well as still photography.



In time, we too will become ancestors...


Anne Haaning


Anne Haaning's practice revolves around an interest in digital ontology and myth and usually employs CG animation and video installation. She is currently a research fellow with The Norwegian Artistic Research Programme. Her work has been shown internationally in among other venues: The Jerwood Space, London, Whitechapel Gallery, London, Taipei Contemporary Art Center, the Islandic Biennial: Sequences Vll, CPH:DOX, Kurtzfilmtage Winterhur, Nottingham Contemporary, FACT, Liverpool, CCA, Glasgow International and Jeune Creation, Paris. She was shortlisted for the Jerwood/Film and Video Umbrella Awards and won the Solo Prize at the Spring Exhibition at Charlottenborg Kunsthal in 2014.

Through animated, fleeting and disintegrating images Haaning's work seeks to convey the impermanence of matter and identity in a digital context; she considers the digital as something comparably fluid, infectious and viral as the bacteria that literally enters the human body to breed and subsequently migrate from person to person through bodily fluids. This notion of a digital flow is linked to her interest in ancient myth and its often conspicuously fluid perception of the connections between people, creatures, times and places; the spirit is far from bound by the body and its physical circumstances. In Haaning's work myth is employed as a parallel to the conditions that were introduced with the emergence of the digital world.

Looking at the employment, performance and meaning of technology through a mythical perspective, she tries to unmask, or perhaps re-mask, some of the structures the digital imposes on us. She explores and comments on how production and circulation locks us in a loop of unpaid digital labor, violated privacy, continued human de-skilling, post factual manipulation and other potential traits of Digital Colonialism.


Ina Hagen


Ina Hagen (b.1989, NO) is an artist and writer based in Oslo. She holds a BFA from the National Academy of Art, Oslo (2014). Her work constantly shifts the roles of artist, curator, assistant and collaborator in dealing with the mediation of art as artistic practice. Hagen has exhibited at: INCA, Seattle (Solo); Tidens Krav, Oslo; Kunsthall Charlottenborg, Copenhagen; Podium, Oslo; Kurant Visningsrom, Tromsø; Quartier 21, Museums Quartier, Vienna, among others. She was awarded a one year studio grant at Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo in 2015, as well as being artist-in-residence at BAR Project, Barcelona from March to May, 2017. Currently she writes for the Scandinavian online art journal, and is vice-president of the board of UKS (Young Artist’s Society). Since July 2016, Hagen has been running the not-for-profit space Louise Dany together with artist Daisuke Kosugi from their home, studio and adjacent store-front.

  • Ina Hagen, Round Robin Reveries: Gathering for the Other Magic Fountain, Barcelona (2017), Montjuïc, Barcelona. Photo: Christina Inocencio.
  • Apichaya Wanthiang, Ban # 1 Practice Models (2016). Two day workshop at Louise Dany, Oslo. As part of the group exhibition Roaming curated by UKS (The Young Artist’s Association). Photo: Margit Selsjord.
  • Sondra Perry, Resident Evil Seminar, 2016. Seminar at Louise Dany, Oslo. Image courtesy of the artist and Louise Dany, Oslo.

Seamus Harahan


Seamus Harahan was invited by PRAKSIS in collaboration with Oslo Pilot, and selected the theme of mucker mate around which to form a residency. Harahan's deceptively simple work engages with his surrounding environment, discovering a sensual poetics in everyday, marginal and overlooked subjects and peripheral details. his work was described by Adrian Wootton, Chief Executive of Film London and the British Film Commission, as: “challenging and experimental while also humorous and accessible.”

Harahan is represented in London by Gimpel Fils and has exhibited widely internationally, including at Tate Britain, London, and representing Northern Ireland at the 51st Venice Biennale in 2005. He received a Paul Hamlyn Foundation Award for Artists in 2009, and won the 2015 Jarman Award. He is ex-director of Catalyst Arts Belfast. Harahan lives and works in Belfast, Northern Ireland.


Seamus Harahan, Stay here a while, 2008



mucker mate



Johnny Herbert


Johnny Herbert studied music composition in U.K and Germany before studying art in Norway. He is co-founding editor of Grafters’ Quarterly, a free newspaper publication series. Johnny also works as a writer and copyeditor. He is presently a PhD candidate on the Curatorial/Knowledge research programme within the Department of Visual Cultures at Goldsmiths College, London.


Jasmine Hinks


Jasmine Hinks (1989) is a British curator and writer based in Stockholm, where she is currently completing her MA in Curating Art at Stockholm University. Hinks’ practice investigates the relations between artwork, context and audience. Through interdisciplinary collaboration, her projects unpack and re-think curatorial approaches, with a specific interest in spatial and textual framing. Ongoing research focuses on the affordances of public space – and the public sphere – within the expanded art field and in a broader social context.

In 2016, Hinks presented the curatorial project Codified Environments: Renderings of Public Space at Färgfabriken, Stockholm. The exhibition featured works by filmmaker Lucia Pagano and artist Johanna Gustafsson Fürst, and constructed an extended platform for dialogue around notions of public and private. Her curatorial approach has grown out of her experience working alongside artists in self-organised platforms in her native Scotland.

Karoline Hjorth


Karoline Hjorth (b. 1980) is a Norwegian photographer, artist and writer with a journalism and tall-ship sailing background. She completed her BA Photographic Arts and MA International Journalism from the University of Westminster (London) in 2009. Hjorth's artistic practice explores the space between staged photography, documentary and text. Her photographic work has received the Deloitte Award at the National Portrait Gallery (London) and her first book Mormormonologene (Eng. The Mormor Monologues) was published in 2011 (Forlaget Press). She is currently working on three books to be published in 2017; Eyes as Big as Plates (with Riitta Ikonen (FI)), Billett Merket (Eng. Personals, Forlaget Press) and Time is a ship that never casts anchor (Hjorth / Ikonen / Mesén). Her recent works have been exhibited at NADA Miami, Pioneer Works (NYC), Fotogalleriet (Oslo), Greenland National Museum, Norwegian National Museum (DKS) and Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma (Helsinki), amongst others. 



In time, we too will become ancestors...


Tze Yeung Ho


Tze Yeung Ho is a Norwegian-Canadian composer of Cantonese descent. Despite being a native of Oslo, Norway, he spent most of his formative years in Toronto, Canada. His music is regularly performed in Toronto and Oslo venues such as the Faculty of Music at the University of Toronto, Gallery 345, Hart House, Kunstnernes hus, Kulturhuset, Levinsalen and Array Space and has also been recorded by the Blue Bridge Festival Orchestra in Sutton, Ontario and the ACCO Academy in Lithuania. He is a member of the Norwegian Society of Composers (Norsk Komponistforening), a board member in NyMusikk composers' group and an associate of the Hong Kong Composers' Guild. Tze Yeung was also one of the seven young composers to represent Norway in the UNM (Ung Nordisk Musikk) festival of 2015 held in Helsinki, Finland, where his saxophone concerto ingest thrice, as prescribed; received its premiere by the Avanti! Chamber Orchestra. The same work is currently highlighted in the Norwegian Society of Composer's jubilee orchestral catalogue. Recent events include his participation in the Druskomanija festival (Vilnius, Lithuania) and the founding of the Oslo-based new music ensemble: +47. Tze Yeung has also worked with German recorder virtuoso, Caroline Hausen, on an electroacoustic project, funded by the Culture Council (Kulturrådet) of Norway. "The juxtaposition of the grotesque and the ethereal," "brutal," and "visceral and gritty" are among some descriptions for Tze Yeung's repertoire. He has a keen interest in developing different forms of intra- and inter-personal symbolisms in his compositions.


International Collaborative Drawing Project (ICDP)


International Collaborative Drawing Project (ICDP) is a global participatory initiative which uses drawing as a starting point for cooperative creation. Founded in London in 2010 by artist Ivan Liotchev, the project works with diverse cultural organisations and communities to develop drawing events, exhibitions, public art, and multi-media spectacles that explore drawing within a wide context.

ICDP has developed projects throughout the UK, Europe and USA, with communities ranging from Hopi and Acoma Native American pueblos in the American Southwest to underpriviledged youths in London and Wakefield, England. Recent projects include: London Brain Project, London (2016); COLLABORATE!, Glyndwr University/Focus Wales, Wrexham, UK (2015); The Kingswood Draw, produced by Emergency Exit Arts for Southwark Council, London (2014); Right Up Our Street, DARTS, Doncaster (2014); Light Up Lancaster, (2013); A Million Minutes, produced by AIR @ Central Saint Martins for Islington Council, London (2012). Ongoing work with The Guinness Partnership facilitates opportunities for social housing residents to create their own public art across the UK.



In time, we too will become ancestors...



Maria Jonsson

Using sculpture, installation, and performance, Maria Jonsson's practice investigates ways in which art can create social spaces. Different strategies and methods help facilitate processes that are both artistic and interpersonal. Her art is either based on, or inspired by human relations and there social context. Jonsson is born in Colombia, raised in Sweden, and currently based between Bergen and Oslo. She holds an MFA from the KMD, Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design 2016.

Clara J:son Borg

Clara J:son Borg (1986) is an artist from Sweden, based in Rotterdam (NL). She graduated in 2016 from The Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam, with an MA in Fine Art. The attention of her works and research is directed towards staged situations where verbal language and bodily movement find themselves interacting. By setting up and enacting these staged situations (mainly executed through video and performance) her aim is to provoke moments where verbal and physical communications methods fit loosely to one another. She understands this looseness as a way of storytelling, but also as an invitation to observe different elements of interpersonal relationships, social choreographies, knowledge hierarchies and bodily relation to physical space and images. 


In time, we too will become ancestors...


Maren Dagny Juell

Maren Dagny Juell is an Oslo based artist working with moving image and installation. Her subjects are alienated, filled with doubt and with a yearning for control and personal development. Maren is interested in the borders of subjectivity and individual autonomy. This is approached with narrative text often collected from online forums and tutorials. The works seeks to embody an investigation into the reality of appearances, surfaces and definition of visual space aided by technology.

Maren studied in London and has an MA from Chelsea College of Art. Recently exhibitions has been at Stavanger Art Museum and Papay Gyro Nights (Orkney and Hong Kong) amongst others. She won an award for video at BEERS contemporary (London) in 2013 and was included in Lights On Norwegian Contemporary Art at the Astrup Fearnely Museum in Oslo in 2008.



Maren Dagny Juell, Tutorial#6: It’s our ability to create stylish meals that separates us from the animals (Bear Grylls)

Tutorial#6 refers to instructional videos by survivalists. Three men meet and have a conversation made up by fragmented quotations collected from instructional tutorial videos and on-line forums about survival. During the meeting, they all make a flower out of gaffer tape, zip-ties and para-cord.  The work was initially made for an exhibition related to the tapestry weaver Frida Hansen (1855-1931) and also includes sculptures. Juell was interested in the gender roles assigned to textile craft and the purpose of these activities (craft clubs- craft as therapy). Her project is a fictional account of themale dominated culture of survivalist preparing for the apocalypse.




Kirsty Kross

Photographs by (from left to right) Miguel Lope, Thor Brødreskift, Zane Cerpina

Kirsty Kross holds a Bachelors Degree in Art History from the University of Queensland and a Masters of Art in Context from the Berlin University of the Arts.  Her work has been featured in Bedfellows at Tate Modern London, The Partisan Cafe at The Bergen Assembly, Østlandsutstillingen, ONO and PINK CUBE in Oslo as well as in Berlin at Parkhaus Projekts, Galerie Crystal Ball and Galerie Walden.  From 2000-2010 Kirsty Kross was a co-creator and performer in the music/performance group, Team Plastique and performed extensively across Europe and Australia at clubs and events such as Glastonbury, Kunstsalon Berlin and the closing party of the 2006 Berlin Biennale. Kirsty Kross’ work combines performance, drawing, music and installation and deals with thehuman condition questioning appropriate adult behaviour and the relationship between the artist, artwork and audience. Her recent work deals with the attention economy, global economic and social changes as well as impending ecological doom. Kirsty Kross moved to Oslo in 2015 and is a board member of Performance Art Oslo.

Gunnlaug Kuløy


Gunnlaug Bina Kuløy uses visual media, audio and sculptural installations to explore the intricate weave of circumstance, coincidence, emotion and decision that define a present situation or a state of mind. In turn this opens up a space to reflect upon interconnectedness in its many forms, and possible future trajectories. Her work evolves around themes as diverse as nostalgia and the immaterial connotations of objects, as well as biodiversity and the extinction of species. It often intersects with the realm of science; negotiating the ground between personal experience, observation and scientific research. Her intense focus on detail often results in the creation of spaces that demand full attentiveness in exchange for a sense of intimacy.

Gunnlaug holds a masters degree in Visual anthropology and has worked in various fields including cinematic production in Cuba, research on visual literacy in developing countries, media in exile and theatre production. The past few years she has divided her time between Oslo and Burma/Myanmar, working on projects related to wild endemic orchid conservation and mangrove forest restoration, resulting in the exhibitions Black Orchid Red Line, Goethe institute, Yangon (2016) and Macro Mangrove, Gallery 65 (2016). Her most recent exhibition Fate Undecided (2017) examined nostalgia in a socio-political context and was held at a site-specific location in Yangon.


Natasha Marie Llorens

Natasha Marie Llorens is an independent curator and writer based in Marseille and New York. Recent curatorial projects include “We the Watchers are Also Bodies,” at Hercules Art Studio Program in Manhattan, "The Exposed Suture" in Marseille, and "Mine are True Love Stories...." at the Skowhegan offices in New York. Llorens has held curatorial residencies at Marra Tein in Beirut and at Triangle Arts Association in New York, and is currently the 2017 Entrée Principale curatorial resident at Rond Point Projects in Marseille, France. Her writing has appeared in ArtReview, Modern Painters, BOMB Magazine, Pastelegram, WdW Review, Contemporary Art Stavanger, Ibraaz, and elsewhere. Institutions taught at include Columbia University and the Cooper Union in New York City, and the Curatorial Studies MA program at Parsons in Paris. She is currently developing a PhD at Columbia University, focused on the representation of war in Algerian national cinema between 1965 and 1979.  


  • Kerry Downey at "In This Hello America" as part of Action Club's collaboration with Douglas Paulson, April 2011, Double Session, a thesis exhibition for the Center of Curatorial Studies at Bard College curated by N. M. Llorens. Photo: Douglas Paulson.
  • Natasha Marie Llorens photographed by Natalie Hope O'Donnell.

Eli Maria Lundgaard

Eli Maria Lundgaard (b.1989 in Trondheim, Norway) finished a BFA at Bergen Academy of Art and Design in 2015. She will start on a MFA at Malmö Art Academy in 2016. She works with video, drawing, collages and sculpture.

Her art is about comprehension. She explores different concepts of the psyche, for instance anxiety or hypochondria. She also questions the subject and its surroundings: how body and environment are shaped by influences, direct intervention, or evolution and natural changes. The relationship between the natural and the artificial is interesting. Both science and art are curious and concerned the absence of information. We are looking for systems and definitions to put things in. Everything around us should be categorized and organized. These categories and systems come from what we are learned to look for. What cannot be described "physically", but only sensed, leads to speculation and fantasy. What do we do when explanations are missing? What we cannot see or explain turn into myths, monsters and magic. Fiction and dreams blends with reality and makes a setting we can live within and think.


Eli Maria Lungaard, How To Become a Sea Creature, 2016








Sebastian Makonnen Kjølaas & Siri Hjorth


Siri Hjorth (1986)  and Sebastian Makonnen Kjølaas (1985) are two contemporary artists accomplishing high performance, premium, award-winning works that are safe, healthy, and certified sustainable.

When Kjølaas and Hjorth first got married in the Emanuel Vigeland Mausoleum in 2016 - they had already been working closely on a series of artistic projects since 2009. They now live and work in Oslo. Their artistic output include ceramics, textile, watercolours, latex and eggs.

Hjorth recently had her solo show “Looner Mooner" at Nebbelux in 2016, and participated in the production of “From Butter to Margarin” in 2017, directed by Pernille Lindstad and organised by “Munchmuseet on the Move” at Gallery 1857 in Oslo. She works with textile, costume and performance, and generates an unpredictable and sneaky world - disturbingly erotic. She opened the National Gallery's new Middle East Wing with a performativ staging of the painting “Marriage in Hardanger” by Tidemann and Gude. Hjorth has shown her work at the Black Box Theatre, Kunstnernes Hus, and Kunsthaus KULE in Berlin. Graduated with a Bachelor in Visual Arts from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts in 2014.

In 2015 Kjølaas won the Debutant Prize at the Autumn State Exhibition. He has toured the country since 2016 with his solo show “On dry things” showcased at different Art Societies around Norway, including Hammerfest, Eidsberg, Haugesund, Volda and Trondheim. He is the artist and author behind “The Institute of Art and Crime” (2014) published by Torpedo Press. Graduated in 2012 with a Master in Visual Arts from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts.

In addition to their praxis both Kjølaas and Hjorth hold positions at Prosjektskolen Art School, as Prorector and teacher. Together they have started the artist run spaces GAGO between 2009 - 2011, and SALT between 2011-2013. With Marianne Bredesen they have developed the project “Wittgenstein on Vacation” (2015 - 2019) supported by KORO, Art in Public Space Norway.

Michael McLoughlin


Michael McLoughlin is an artist and researcher from Dublin who makes audiowork, drawings, sculptural objects, video and installations. His artistic approach endeavors to presents an outlet for dialogue/exchange and explores the physicality of places where, and the manner in which, people interact. Since the mid-1990s Michael McLoughlin has consistently developed and presented new ways of making contemporary artwork in social contexts. Within the last year he has made site specific audio work in Limerick (Cumann:An Audio Map of Limerick, Limerick City Gallery of Art), Drogheda (Cumann, Droichead Art Centre, & as part of Beyond the Pale, Highlanes) and in Dublin (Rest Here, UCD Sutherland School of Law & Ocean Wonder Resort Revelations, Portrane). His artists book of drawings, I am here because I know you will be too was published by Dublin City Council in 2014. McLoughlin has been Artist in Residence in Draiocht Arts Centre, Blanchardstown (2017), and at UCD College of Social Science & Law in 2015, where he has since begun a critical social and institutional analysis of ethics, art-making and knowledge production in the contexts of social practice in the School of Sociology.

Araiz Mesanza

Araiz Mesanza is an artist and illustrator whose work is mainly developed through drawings. She holds an MFA in Fine Art from the Basque University (Bilbao, Spain) and specialized in illustration at Escola Massana (Barcelona, Spain). Mesanza has worked as a freelance illustrator since 2009 and in 2011 she co-founded Ediciones Armadillo, an artist collective and publishing outlet releasing an annual collaborative illustration fanzine and other projects. Having relocated to Oslo in autumn of 2016 (currently working from VORTA atelier at Middelalderparken), Mesanza's recent work has largely focused on producing "introspective landscapes" that explore her relationship with her new surroundings.



As a former student of art & sound, it felt only natural for Milenasong to start painting with musical layering. Ten years ago she released her debut album, SEVEN SISTERS on Gudrun Gut's label Monika Enterprise in Germany. Touring and meeting interesting artists from all corners greatly enriched her perspectives and process and in interviews she liked to say how much she wanted to break open rules in song-making. Motherhood and ill health temporarily rerouted her focus and her steps have been slower since. Since 2011 she has been working on her next album, started in London, with finishing touches added at Bauteil3 in Berlin, she is developing the end-mix herself in Oslo in 2017. It is a work on shadow-walk and transformation, the things that cannot be controlled, yet ultimately will find its resolution/dissolving in time. Milenasong also works with illustration, currently fine lining for the newspaper Ny Tid and working on experimental audiobooks for Cappelen Damm/Storytel. Her current waves: Allowing things to be what they are, cooperating with given health, talents and the likeminded, for possibilities to take shape.


Ragna Misvær Grønstad


Ragna Misvær Grønstad (originally from Bodø in North of Norway) studied printmaking and drawing and received her MFA degree in 2016, from Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHiO) in Medium- and Material-Based Art, and her BA in Visual Art in 2013 (KHiO).

In the catalogue for Misvær Grønstad's MFA show, "The Silent After", Eva González-Sancho writes:

"Misvær Grønstad explores the ways in which we perceive reality through literary texts. Figures such as Simone de Beauvoir, Guy Debord and Hannah Arendt navigate her boundless aquatic world­—which she refers to as Saltvannsblomstene (salt water flowers)—as representatives of liberation, poetry and punk, the singularity of the individual and his/her emancipation."

Her work is marked by a social critique which is anchored in her belief in the positive potential of escapism, and in the force of the imaginary. In 2014 she was admitted to “The 68. North Norway Art Exhibition” with the print “The Great Escape”.

She graduated with “The Silent After” MFA Degree Show at KHiO, with her project “Conversations in Sáivu” (2016).


In time, we too will become ancestors...


Ebba Moi


Ebba Moi's artistic practice relates to the public domain with a community based, participatory approach. Her concerns include the use of democratic space and the management of people's rights and needs. Moi works with installation, sound, performance, curating and dialogue- based art projects, primarily targeting young people across cultures. Moi is currently co-running artist run space Tenthaus Oslo together with artists Helen Eriksen and Stefan Schröder.


Eliza Naranjo Morse


Based in Northern New Mexico, USA, Eliza Naranjo Morse works across disciplines from sculpture and drawing to social projects involving cultivating land and working in public schools and the local youth detention center.  Through her interdisciplinary work she seeks to celebrate place, and to consider the intangibles of life including spirituality, balance, resourcefulness and renewal. 

Eliza Naranjo Morse studied drawing at Parsons School of Design and at the Institute for American Indian Arts, and ultimately graduated from Skidmore College with a B.S. in art in 2003. Naranjo Morse has shown her work in a number of international venues including, among others, at Cumbre de el Tajin, Veracruz, Mexico; Ekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts, Ekaterinburg, Russia; Chelsea Art Museum, New York, New York; SITE Santa Fe, Santa Fe, New Mexico; Axle Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM, USA; Heard Museum, Phoenix, AZ, USA; Berlin Gallery Phoenix; School for Advanced Research, Santa Fe. A participating artist of the Site Santa Fe Biennial in 2008 she is also a 2007 awardee of the King Artist Fellowship at the School for Advanced Research, Santa Fe.


Magnus Myrtveit


Magnus Myrtveit studied BA Fine Art at the Oslo Academy of Fine Art, his current work searches for deeper meaning in the act of browsing the internet and juxtaposes “cutting edge” technology with primitive techniques of making art in the consideration of ideas of impermanence in technology.

Kristin Nango

Kristin Nango (1976) is a butohdancer, performance artist, therapist and with a special interest in the bodily and philosophical approach to materiality and experience. Her works operates in the field of movement, dance and performance and are often inspired by the human relationship to nature and to the «non- human». She is currently based in Oslo where she is frequently giving workshops in poetic movement and operates as an artist in the collective Oslo Butohlaboratorium in which she is one of the founders and core members.


In time, we too will become ancestors...

Jeremy Olson


Jeremy Olson is an American artist working with painting, video, sculpture and photography. These practices are thematically linked by an interest in animist objects and the way images shape desire. His references range from the commercial still-life to science fiction, often utilizing small assemblages or dioramas as points of departure. Born in Ojai, CA., he attended the University of Arizona as an undergraduate, and received his MFA from New York University. His work has been exhibited in New York as well as Antwerp, Baltimore, Berlin, Melbourne, and Seoul. He has participated in residency programs in Florida, New York, Nebraska, and Michigan.

Iz Oztat

Images left to right:
Constituting an Island, Iz Oztat, 2014, Video still from single channel HD video, 1' 46'' Loop
Will Flow Free / Who Carries The Water, Iz Oztat and Fatma Belkis, 2015, Wood-printed naturally-dyed muslin, Dedicated to the public domain
Who Carries The Water, Iz Oztat and Fatma Belkis, 2015, A page from the 19-page text, reproduced by mimeograph, Copyleft

Iz Öztat is an artist based in Istanbul. She is a member of BAÇOY-KOOP (Printing, Duplication and Distribution Cooperative), a group that utilizes the mimeograph technology for collective, independent publishing in Turkey’s current climate of repression. The cooperative conducts archival research into mimeographed printed material and dialogues with the technology’s previous generation of users – investigations that lead to collectively-produced printed matter, actions and installations. She is a collaborator in HTTPpRESS, an online platform that publishes content with free/libre licences or notices. With Fatma Belkıs, she explores the convergence of water and freedom, and she communes with the shade of Zişan (1894 – 1970) who appears to her as a historical figure, a channeled spirit and an alter ego. She has taught at Oberlin College (USA) as a Visiting Professor.

Selected exhibitions include Tamawuj, Sharjah Biennial 13, United Arab Emirates (2017); Land without Land, Heidelberger Kunstverein, Germany (2016); Saltwater: A Theory of Thought Forms, 14th Istanbul Biennial (2015); Conducted in Depth and Projected at Length, Heidelberger Kunstverein, Germany (2014); Rendez-vous 13, Institut d’art Contemporain, Lyon, France (2013); and Here Together Now, Matadero Madrid, Spain (2013).

Gabrielle Paré

Gabrielle Paré is a Canadian-born artist, living and working in Oslo, Norway. She completed her BFA at the University of Alberta (Canada) in 2011, and her MFA at the Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo in 2017. Her practice is wide-ranging: from paper-based works, to audio-visual installations, to creative writing. At the core of all works is the desire to challenge the borders of identity with the uncanny, the uncomfortable and the hybrid body. Paré uses her own body performatively as a site for the exploration of culture, filiation, and personal mythology. 

Julia Parks



Julia Parks received her undergraduate degree from Central Saint Martins School of Art in 2015 and through an exchange programme studied photography and printmaking at Kyoto Seika University, Japan in 2013. Her practice encompasses film, animation and photography, often using series of photographs and projected 16mm film. Parks explores the methodologies of 20th century filmmakers and photographers, often reenacting historical artworks in the attempt to re-imagine and experience being in the moment of their production. More recently, she has been documenting the process of a sheep farm being sold on the Solway coast of Cumbria. Parks has exhibited in both England and Japan including; All Work and No Play, The People's History Museum, Manchester (2016), and 5 under 30, The Daniel Blau Gallery, London (2015).



mucker mate




Martina Petrelli

Martina Petrelli is an artist, designer and curator: Italian by blood, Canadian by birth, British, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Norwegian, Palestinian, Swiss and Tunisian because of her life journey. Her higher education includes a MA degree from the Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam, a BA from the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts of Lyon, an international Baccaleureate of philosophy, language and literature, and the participation to the study course Psychology of Language at the Universitetet i Tromsø. She has exhibited and worked for several cultural platforms internationally and across Europe, and is now engaged at Fotogalleriet in Oslo as Project Coordinator for the upcoming anniversary exhibitions, publications and public archives. Her artistic practice approaches art and design as revelatory of reasons and of the absurd, as a study and reutilisation of images and structures that script given realities, juxtaposing ways of reading and of seeing.




Maija Rudovska


Maija Rudovska’s practice is shaped by independent curation, research, art criticism and writing. The focus of her work has been inter-mediation and stimulation of relationships between different spaces, contexts and institutions. Finding a voice from/in the marginalized spaces that in her practice often rooted from the post-Soviet context, she pays particular attention to the in-between space seeking alternative ways of learning and sharing knowledge in the art realm today.

For the last 6 years Rudovska together with Juste Kostikovaite have been running the network platform Blind Carbon Copy that focuses on network building models, alternative education and work strategies between curators, artists and other practitioners. One of the priorities has been the learning, looking for the ways to teach each other as a sort of curatorial strategy. Engaging by creating a lively networking system and structures of self-organization (refusing to being attached to a certain power structure), the platform serves as a place from where to act and to find a voice.

Rudovska have worked extensively in the Baltic-Nordic region, as well as internationally. Close collaborations include: Contemporary Art Centre (LV), Moderna Museet (SE), Rupert (LT), Contemporary Art Centre Vilnius (LT), The Living Art Museum (IS), HIAP (FI), among many others.



  • The Primal Shelter is the Site for Primal Fears (2016). Exhibition view. Photo: Vigfús Birgisson, courtesy The Living Art Museum.
  • Society Acts - Version 2. After Moderna Exhibition 2014 (2015). Exhibition view. Photo: Ansis Starks, courtesy kim? Contemporary Art Centre
  • Image of Blind Carbon Copy website, design by Nerijus Rimkus

Line Sanne

Line Sanne graduated from Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London, with a BA(Hons) in Spatial Design, and holds an MA in Nonfiction Writing from Høgskolen i Sørøst-Norge. Sanne has worked as a set designer, visual merchandiser, and installation artist at music festivals, Slottsfjell festivalen and Øya. She is now working on writing a biography about a former refugee and actress, Sara Baban.


Lindsay Seers

Lindsay Seers works in London and lives on the Isle of Sheppey. She studied at the Slade School of Fine Art, University College London and at Goldsmiths College, University of London, where she now works as a lecturer on MA Fine Art. Her works are in a number of collections including Tate collection, Arts Council collection, Artangel collection and the collection of MONA, Tasmania. She has won several prestigious grants and awards such as the Sharjah Art Foundation Production Award, UAE; Le Jeu de Paume production award for the Toulouse Festival, France; the Paul Hamlyn Award; the Derek Jarman Award; AHRC Award; a number of Arts Council and British Council Awards in support of her works and she also received the Wingate Scholarship from The British School at Rome 2007/8. She has shown her large scale works internationally at a number of museums and art centres including SMK (National Gallery of Denmark); Venice Biennale 2015; Hayward Gallery, UK; MONA, Tasmania; Bonniers Konsthall, Sweden; Smart Project Space, Amsterdam; Kiasma, Finland; Turner Contemporary, UK; Tate Triennial, UK, TPW, Canada, Sami Centre for Art; Norway; Centre for Contemporary Art 'Poland and Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art. Recent new commissions include Suffering, Unconformity Festival 2016, Queenstown, Australia; Nowhere Less Now, Glynn Vivian Gallery, Wales 2016; Nowhere Less Now 5, Turner Contemporary UK, 2016.


Helle Siljeholm


Helle Siljeholm is a choreographer, performer and visual artist, based in Oslo. She holds a BA (hons) from London Contemporary Dance School in 2003. In 2016 she graduated with an MA in Visual Arts from the Oslo Academy of Art (KHiO). Her artistic practice involves film, installation, choreography and performance. She has exhibited, performed and produced projects in theatres, galleries, and site-specific contexts in Norway as well as in the UK, Germany, Nordic Countries, Middle East, Asia, USA and East Africa. Siljeholm is a recipient of Ibsen Scholarship award (2011), a 3 year grant for younger artists from Norwegian Arts Council (2014) and Hans Christian Osterø´s memory award (2015), received together with colleague Sara Christophersen focusing on a 3 year project for dance in Palestine. In 2017 she has exhibited/presented work in Fotogalleriet (Nordic Anthology), Black Box Theatre (Oslo), Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival, Golan heights, Jugenstilsenteret KUBE (Ålesund) and Høstscena (Ålesund). In 2018 she will be amongst other create a new work co-produced by Teaterhuset Avant Garden (Trondheim), a pre- project for Munchmuseet on the Move (Oslo) and a solo show for Akershus Kunstsenter (Lillestrøm).


  • Noder om stein og andre sosiale landskap Jugendstilsenteret og KUBE og Høstscena, Ålesund, Norway 2017 (pictures by Marius Simensen and Helle Siljeholm)
  • Detail from exhibition: Looking at chemicals. at Fotogalleriet, Oslo 2017. (both photos by Istvan Virag)


Marit Silsand




Ruben Steinum

Image credits left to right

Texas Sweet Chai Latte (Pour Femme) How good can you feel?™ Yogi Tea
Photo: Ruben Steinum
Treat Yourself. Sodastream Taittinger, Sodastream Möet & Chandon, Sodastream Veuve Clicquot, Sodastream Laurent Perrier
Photo:Ruben Steinum

Freak on a Leash
Photo: Jon Benjamin Tallerås
Project in collaboration with Marianne Hurum

Ruben Steinum (b. 1984, Oslo, Norway) is an artist and co-founder of the digital art sales platform Atelier. Steinum graduated from the Norwegian Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo in 2011. In his artistic practice, he works with object-based sculpture, drawing and photography. His interest in pop and everyday culture comes to light through the use of commercial objects, appropriation of brands and in the relationship between the artwork and the title. He is currently working towards an exhibitions at Elephant Kunsthall in Lillehammer and at a sculpture park at Nesodden. He has exhibited at Tidens Krav (Oslo), Arts Incubator at Washington Park (Chicago), Kunsthall Oslo, Podium (Oslo), Rogaland Art Center (Stavanger) and RAKE (Trondheim).

Steinum is chairman of the Young Artists Society (UKS) and board member of Norwegian Visual Artists (NBK).

Nina Torp


Through observation, research and interpretation of historical material, Nina Torp examines how our gaze creates and communicates culture and memories. A key issue in her work is how the past exists/takes place in the present time, and how it is communicated and used through history. The starting point for her projects is often a cultural artifact, an art historical subject or a cultural phenomenon. She presents projects in large installations consisting of prints on fibre-board, video, objects, photographic series and wallpaper. Nina Torp is educated at the Royal College of Art in London, Kent Institute of Art & Design in Maidstone and the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Toulouse. She has exhibited in galleries and museums in Norway, UK, The Netherlands, Iceland, Japan and Germany. From 2015 until 2018 she is collaborating with archaeologists and scientists at the Museum of Cultural History in Oslo where she examines mechanisms for how cultural history is written.

Tough Guy Mountain


Tough Guy Mountain is an ongoing project focusing on the glories, trials, and absurdity of late capitalism. As an artist collective of over a dozen members, TGM creates presentations of capitalist aesthetic and consumer culture. TGM creates narrative performances where the collective plays a fantastical corporation that treats abstract concepts like Art and Post-Capitalism as its clients.

Merve Ünsal

Merve Ünsal is a visual artist based in Istanbul. In her works, she employs text and photography, possibly beyond their form. Merve holds an MFA in Photography and Related Media from Parsons The New School of Design and a BA in Art and Archaeology from Princeton University. She was most recently a participant at the Homework Space Program 2014-15 at Ashkal Alwan, Beirut. She has participated in artist residencies at the Delfina Foundation and at the Banff Centre. Merve is the founding editor of the artist-driven online publishing initiative

Rachel Wolfe


Rachel Wolfe, born 1984 in rural Illinois. Foundational training in dance, vocals, and piano developed into interdisciplinary work in images, installations, drawing, video, fiber, writing, and performance. Wolfe studied formally and practically in several areas including advertising, interior design, sociology, photography, energetic arts, contemporary art, and language. She graduated with a BA in 2006 and MFA in 2015. Her work has been collected and exhibited in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Water, ice, and rocks are repeated themes in Wolfe's work. Ideas about Place, Subjectivity, and the Irrespirable drive her aestheticised constructions. With literal and material focus on the relationship between Vision and Body, the works mediate sensual experiences on The Nature of Desire, or what moves a Body. Her art making runs parallel to research in the field of Embodied Cognition.

Ola Wlusek


Ola Wlusek is an independent curator based in Canada and Poland. She earned an MA in Contemporary Art Theory from Goldsmiths College, University of London. She also studied Art History and Cultural Anthropology at McMaster University. For the past ten years, she worked in curatorial and educational departments at public art institutions in Canada and abroad. From 2011 to 2015, Wlusek was the curator of contemporary art at the Ottawa Art Gallery (Ontario, Canada) where she organized multidisciplinary projects that explored the contesting social, cultural and community histories. She’s interested in transnational frameworks for the interpretation of art through exhibition-making that is accessible to an audience from culturally diverse backgrounds. Her research focuses on new curatorial strategies and museological methodologies for exploring non-Western, indigenous, and comparative approaches to global modernities. While working collaboratively, she considers exhibitions as experiential, flexible and accessible spaces for cultural production and exchange. Prior to joining PRAKSIS, she will be attending the Curatorial School: Curating the New, at the University of Malta, and conducting research in Krakow.


In time, we too will become ancestors...

Monika Zak


Monika Żak (b.1989) is a self-taught photographer and scientist with a special interest in visual perception. She graduated in 2015 from University in Oslo with a Master of Philosophy in Cognitive Neuroscience. In her latest research, she explored the origins of human colour vision, attempting to investigate whether seeing colours in faces may affect emotion recognition. Through her interdisciplinary work Żak delves into the substance of perception, searching for possible explanations of what determines how we see and what we actually perceive.

Gary Zhexi Zhang

Gary Zhexi Zhang is an artist and writer, whose films and essays are interested in private and political narratives of the digital. He studied at Glasgow School of Art and University of Cambridge, and is a staff contributor to Frieze Magazine. Recent exhibitions include Tenderflix ‘Futures' at ICA, London and Would you like help? at EMBASSY Gallery, Edinburgh.


Gary Zhexi Zhang, lacoste1, 2015