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How do I find out about the next PRAKSIS residency?
All residencies are announced on our website, as well as via our newsletters and social media. You can sign up here:


How do I apply?
Each residency has an open call. Sign up for our newsletter or keep an eye on our social media and website to know when to apply. Each call out is announced via an information page which includes complete application guidelines.

How long are the residencies?
Lengths may vary but normally they last from one month.

Who can apply?
This varies depending on the nature of the residency, though most residencies are open to anyone with relevant interest and experience across discipline, career stage and background. We accept local, national and international participants.

How often does PRAKSIS hold residencies?
Since establishing PRAKSIS has convened four residencies each year. However this could be subject to change in the future.

What does PRAKSIS provide?

Residencies are free of charge and involve a facilitated programme of visits, introductions, events, and other activity. Comfortable accommodation is provided for non-Oslo based residents in central Oslo. Locally based residents continue to live at their usual address. International applicants receive a stipend of 3000 NOK.

events //

How do I find out about upcoming PRAKSIS events?
You can subscribe to our events on Facebook. Our homepage and events calendar show upcoming events and details of past events.

Jobs & opportunities //

Does PRAKSIS have any work experience opportunities?
If you are interested in gaining experience in an energetic, progressive arts organisation please email us a brief introduction and include your CV at

Is PRAKSIS hiring?
Not currently.

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