A tapeworm without a gut (sketches for disaster proto-fiction)

Released 10 August 2017

V I E W  P R O J E C T


PRAKSIS’s fourth Internet Project is A tapeworm without a gut (sketches for disaster proto-fiction), by British artist Gary Zhexi Zhang, a participant in PRAKSIS’s Spring 2016 residency, New Technology and the Post-Human. The work, which features a series of research fragments and sketches for films, draws on Zhang’s interest in relations of parasitical exchange and the ideas of Michel Serres. Serres describes the parasite as the noise acting upon the signal, or ‘the third man’ who ‘eats alongside’ the dialogue. In the ecological relationship, the parasite that appropriates the body of the host — the louse that replaces the tongue, the flatworm that imitates the gut — is also a principle of nurture and growth, the possibility of new systems. Zhang’s current research explores the the infiltration of the ecological imaginary into the sphere of technology: the agents which live intimately alongside and inside us, and the ways in which these systems infest, infect, interfere and invent our own.


Gary Zhexi Zhang is an British-Chinese artist and writer. He is currently making an erotic film about parasites. He is a staff contributor at Frieze magazine and has also written for publications including FOAM, Elephant and Fireflies. Recent exhibitions include ALL CHANNELS OPEN at Wysing Arts Centre, Bourn, Cambridgeshire (2017) and Hereafter at SPACE Art & Technology, London (2017). In 2017 he will be in residence at BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Gatehead and Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow.

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